Darkaddiction espresso is a culmination of a love of good coffee and a great interest in the weird and the strange. The need to be: and make something different, and be out there to share it with like-minded people that have their addiction to the fun side of life. Be it music, machines, flying, surfing or riding.

We can be there for day events to long weekend; or can tailor to your needs

 We have been building a really cool VW T4 espresso  coffee van that is a little more than just a somewhere  to get a hot drink, but an inviting place to drink it and chill out, giving you a bit more of a coffee shop-style experience.

Every effort has been put into making it a little different and a bit funky inside and some on- off cool artwork for the outside to give customers a unique visual experience with coffee.

We have gone out to source, test, and try coffee so that you get the best full rounded taste we can deliver. We will be offering classic English tea from well-known British workmen brews to refreshing flavoured varieties    All our cakes, muffins and sweet treats have been handpicked so you can sit back and enjoy.

The van started of life as your standard T4 builders van, but with planning, vision and a love of modifying vehicles, we have transformed it into a relaxing hot drinks oasis.

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